Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kitchen Baking Utensil Apron from 2016

Here is project from last year that I just hadn't the time to post as the year sped by me. (Sadly.)

1: Kitchen Baking Utensil Apron.
This was just the right amount of material for this apron! I almost thought it wouldn't work out but, alas! It did! And half way through, I noticed the utensils! It was a lovely surprise. :)

I didn't gather it but rather, pleated it. 

This was probably the first thing I made with a real sewing machine. It was fun and I learned a lot about the machine from looking on YouTube. I just adore the material don't you???

The pattern for it was PERFECT! Baking Utensils!

Side view. :)

I matched up the black squares up at the top, so there would be no white squares in between. (It's hard to see in this photo)
I really enjoyed making this and it's one of my favorite projects. I would really love to hear y'all's  thoughts! So if you have an idea for me just comment or send me an email at!
His little seamstress, 

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hello, and welcome to my new blog! First of all, I am Abigail and I'm 17 years old with a love for Jesus and encouraging other young girls my age to follow God and NOT man. I love sewing and anything vintage--which, both of those go amazingly great together! I am just a home schooled girl who enjoys, photography, fashion designing, sewing, art, painting, writing and loving and following after her God, Jesus Christ.

 I have learned that in this day and age, us young woman are often tempted and are easily dawn into "who likes me? I wonder if I look pretty enough? Maybe I need more make-up?". Yes, I've been there, as many of you young women may have been. We all struggle with these same questions and temptations. We aren't any different in that way. So, with these many distractions of this world around us, such as, being addicted to being on the internet, not feeling "wanted" or "cared for", wanting to be loved, the need to care for and nurture, makeup and many other things, it's hard to be all that God wants and has intended us to be. We can fall very easily and we may fall a billion times but God is always there for us, and He gives us strength. This is all to say, I am just a meager, small girl who only hopes to glorify her King and encourage other young girls who struggle with day to day life and the world around them. 

This nightgown was one of my first attempts at sewing. I started a 1940s dress pattern (that was very old and was falling apart) which I found out in the process of making, was about 3 times too big for me. So, discouraged and yes, broken-hearted, I dropped the whole thing and have never finished it yet. (which I mean to do soon) So, this was my next try and attempt at making something. About 2 or 3 years ago, my Mom, three sisters and I, planned on making winter nightgowns together for ourselves. This apparently never happened so, I came across the material and pattern we were to use for one of them and so took it upon myself to sew it up for my sister who not even a year previous, moved out and away. It was to be a surprise for her and so it was. I sewed it all by hand and it was a lot of work. I even modified the pattern to fit the little material I had and it came out just dandy! Now, this was not just a 'whip-up-cut-out-and-sew-up-within-a-week' kind of project. It took me about 3, maybe 5 weeks total to finish. Half the time I was discouraged and lazy to which I didn't pick it up for days-or even weeks. Yes, I was terrible. But alas! I did finish it and I gave it to my sister and she did like it-despite the fact that was nearing the beginning of the summer.

My very first button hole I ever made.

Hand sewing the front gather, shown above and below.

Well I think that concludes my first blog post and first sewing project story. I hope you enjoyed it!
To God Be The Glory and Honor,
His Little Seamstress,